HG Gundam Barbatos F1

sprngr on Mar 6, 2022

HG Gundam Barbatos F1

sprngr on Mar 6, 2022

HG Gundam Barbatos F1

This build project spawned from receiving this kit as a gift with the specific request to kitbash it, and kitbash it I did.

I had parts left over from the AGE Titus I used in my Heat Guts Custom build that I wanted to give a good home.

Coincidentally when I began this project I had traded in my long time car for a more current model, which happened to be a newer Honda Civic in Sonic Grey - depending on the lighting conditions it can be seen as a light blue. Given this and the ability to acquire custom paints based on car paint codes from Splash Paints, I decided to use a scheme inspired by it. The spoiler from the backpack further cemented this decision as well.

The backpack is a mash up between the Titus’s backpack and the Barbatos backpack connector with IC Sockets inserted to give a bit more surface detail.

Shoulders came from a HG Astaroth from a different kitbash I had been working on, and fit much better than the calf thrusters I tried in the early iteration.

The front skirts had a custom connector built to support the space needed for waist armor that was added in. It’s offset forward by 3mm. The side skirts are the original Barbatos back skirt split in half. The back skirt is a combination of the Titus’s torso back & front skirt.

The feet are a repurposed connector from the Barbatos feet and a modified knee cover from the Titus.

The majority of the armor was done with the Sonic Grey & Kitten Blue applied over top. The rest of the pieces were treated with Evo Black and Nazca Heavy. The finish applied to the Grey/Blue & Black was a semi gloss to further play up the modern vehicle look while the exposed inner frame components were given a matte finish to accent to the gloss finish. Normally I’m not one for gloss finishes, but it made a lot of sense here.

Supplies Used

All paints thinned with Mr Color Leveling Thinner unless otherwise noted.


  • Gaianotes Evo Black Surfacer
  • Gaianotes Nazca Heavy Surfacer
  • Custom Mix Gaianotes GS-01 Light Gray & GS-03 Black (3:1 ratio)


  • Splash Paints Custom (Honda Civic Sonic Grey Pearl NH877P)
  • Mr Color Kitten Blue Pearl

Topcoats & Detail

  • Gaianotes EX Semi Gloss
  • Gaianotes EX Flat Clear
  • Tamiya Panel Line Black
  • Tamiya Enamel Clear Red
  • Tamiya Enamel Chrome Silver
  • Tamiya Enamel Gun Metal
  • Tamiya Enamel Gold Leaf (It’s in there I swear, but covered by armor)


  • HG Build Custom Hands Round
  • IC Sockets
  • Evergreen polystyrene strips
  • Tamiya putty


One annoying aspect I’ve encountered from trying to take photos is needing to adjust lighting to not completely wash out the pearl coat effect. So yes, it does look a lot better in person.

Kitbash Breakdown

The diagrams included here are slightly outdated as I had since replaced the shoulder armor with the ones from the HG Astaroth.

Work In Progress Photos