Custom Gundam Bael

sharkbait29 on Sep 12, 2021

Custom Gundam Bael

Bandai Full Mechanics 1/100 Gundam Bael Custom Completed. I did a straight build for this kit 2 years ago, and decided to repaint it. Since I only had to disassemble it, I decided to give it a few modifications to fix some issues I had with it. The kit was too plain when straight built, so I added some tweaks as listed below:


  • Torso Extension (0.7cm)
  • Armor detailing using hand drill
  • Inner Frame detailing (hand painting small parts)
  • removed some armor from the feet
  • Custom Paint scheme (Assymetrical Colors)
  • Minor Weathering (Chipping, Dry Brushing)

Paints used: Zurc Acrylics (paint work) - primer black primer white 2k white warm yellow yellow zen red charcoal black metallic metallic red grey shine indigo (combination of dark exia blue, zen red, & yellow) GG Thinner Flat Topcoat

Arkom Waterbased (details, weathering) - Red Dark Grey Arkom waterbased thinner

Vallejo Acrylics (details, dry brushing) - Steel Gold

Hope you guys like it. 😁