Gundam Mark MK-II

GundamMark2 on Mar 27, 2022

Gundam Mark MK-II

GundamMark2 on Mar 27, 2022

Gundam Mark MK-II

This kit was something I wanted to work on for the longest time since my username is GundamMark2. I wanted this to be the best kit I’ve worked on and not to too my own horn but I think I achieved that. This is the first kit where I decided to finally start scribing, adding pla plate to some places and even a little bit of scratch building(but just on the shield). I’m not sure about how many hours I’ve put into this build but I have been working on this kit for a good 2 months. I wanted to finish this in one month but I figured it would be better for me to take my time with something like this.

The idea I had for the color scheme for this kit came to me while I was driving around and saw a green car with copper hubcap. I usually use gold when it comes to metallics so using copper was very different for me.

For the scribing, I took a lot of inspiration from build’s I’ve seen on the internet but tried to keep it original rather than copy line for line. Most of the pla plating details on my kit is a result of not be able to clean my scribe mistakes(which I unfortunately had to do a lot of).

The paints and the mixes I used were:

Alcad Copper

Gaia Color Fighter Color Green

Mr. Hobby Light Gray

Mr. Hobby Light Gray 1 : Mr. Hobby Neutral Gray 2

Mr. Hobby Dark Green 2 : Mr. Hobby Black 1

Mr. Hobby MS Phantom Gray 2 : Mr Hobby Black 1

GPaint Gun Metal

Testors Flat Brass (Hand Paint)

My original goal was to use copper instead of brass for the hand painted details but I actually didn’t realize I bought brass until I got home from the hobby store but I think it worked out really well in my favor. I need to practice a little bit more with hand painting so it looks cleaner but I’m satisfied with the end result. The MK-II uses a purple string tube(?) which looks very off so I decided to just airbrush the string tubes with the brass colors and it kind of worked in my favor which I’m happy with. This is the first build where I decided to do two different finishes. Gloss on the copper parts and Matte on everything else.

The decals I used were waterslides from Delphi Decal and the dry transfers that came with the kit. I also used the foil stickers for the eyes and the cameras. I bought both the AEUG and the Titan decals because some of the darker parts I painted wouldn’t look good with darker decals(which is a problem I encountered with my RX 78 Origin build.

Even though this kit has a lot of blemishes here and there, I’m really proud of how this kit turned out. Like I mentioned before, a lot of stuff I did with this kit was something I’ve never done before but I think I’m gonna start doing a lot more customization on my future kits. This isn’t the perfect build and there’s a lot of stuff I can and will improve upon in the future but I really do feel like this kit is a huge milestone for what I kind of builder I wanna be in this hobby we call gunpla :)

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