Blaze Zaku Warrior Sian

GunplaMark on Nov 5, 2021

Blaze Zaku Warrior Sian

This is the first entry in my planned series of SEED Zaku mobile suits painted in color schemes inspired by supercars. The Blaze Zaku Warrior is inspired by the lime green Lamborghini Sian.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone a bit here, given that my preferred style for customs is a clean, matte look with scribed panel detail. With this series my goal is to try something different, going with preshaded candy colors and a super glossy finish. The inner frame is flat metallic with some drybrushed detail to provide a nice contrast with the glossy armor.

Paints Used

Inner Frame

  • Base color: Gaia 020 Gun Metal
  • Drybrushed details: Testors Enamel Flat Steel, Flat Brass, and Gold
  • Topcoat: Gaia Ex-Flat Clear


  • Lime Green: Custom mix of Modo M-045 Clear Yellow and Gaia 048 Clear Green
  • Orange: Gaia 042 Clear Orange
  • Gold: Modo MX-06 Pure Gold
  • Black: Gaia EX-02 Gloss Black
  • Gray: E7 Artist Color Seriously, White?

All the candy colors were painted over a base of Gaia GS-06 Silver Surfacer EVO and a bit of preshading done with Gaia 125 Star Bright Iron, then topcoated with Modo MK-03 Super Glossy Varnish.

I submitted this build to the 2021 Hobby Town National Model Contest and it won in the Gundam category! Huge thanks to Hobby Town and the IPMS/USA judges for recognizing my work.